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Polish Breeders Club
By Jim Parker

Hello from the buckeye state. As you read this I'm sure that's its beginning to warm up and either have chicks out or eggs in the incubator. Since last month the club has grown ever so slightly. We're up to 55 members and more requests are coming in. We have our district meets set for this year so far in two of our districts. In the eastern district, Directors Chuck and Karyn Riggs will be having theirs at the New York State Fair Grounds in Syracuse N.Y. on June 2nd. You can get entry forms by calling or writing them at 1-315-676-2707 or writing to them at 166 McCloud Rd., West Monroe, New York 13167. Or you can e-mail them at lakeside@twcny.rr.com.

The central director, Timm Zitz has decided to have the districts meet at the Southeast Oklahoma Poultry Club in Idabel, Oklahoma. The show date is May 4,2002. You can get more info from Cassy Garrett at garrnest@pine-net.com or call at 1-580-286-7225. You can also contact Timm by e-mail at zman@flash.net or call him at 1-972-524-0380.

The Polish Breeders Club will put up 10 dollars for champion large fowl and bantam and 5 dollars for reserve large fowl and bantam at both these shows. These awards will be for club members in good standing.

  Good news for the club as well is Dave Anderson has volunteered to do the western directors job. This has been a big boost and I'm sure other members will enjoy hearing from him. As of this writing there has been no set district meet for the west. You can get a hold of Dave by calling 1-805-524-4046 or by e-mail at keygroup@keygroupinc.com.

All members or potential members can get a hold of your director to request meets and discuss club issues. I believe we have a great set of directors that truly want the club to succeed. If any members are wondering why they haven't gotten a meet at a show they attend, are you contacting your director? This is your club to and together we'll make it strong.

We're also getting real excited about our first national in Columbus this November. We're expecting a few members from over seas to be here. Terry and Claire Beebe from the UK and Luuk Hans from the Netherlands. We're hoping to be able to have some kind of club meeting at the show as well and all be able to meet each other and put some faces with names. Our club president Al Westling and central director Timm Zitz plan on coming as well.

The first weekend of February I found myself on the doorstep of club member Joel Henning. We spent the better part of the day going over his birds and looking at his newly built barn. Both were fantastic. He truly knows his birds and I enjoyed my visit tremendously. Joel has also agreed to put on a seminar at the Ohio Nationals as well. I canít wait. Veteran fanciers as well as beginners should be able to learn much from him. Hope to see you all there. So if youíre not a member yet, what are you waiting for? Dues are only ten a year. Until next time, this eggs been laid. God bless

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